Best Tips for Safe Online Shopping during January Sales

Don’t worry if you missed Black Friday or Cyber Monday—you can still snag great deals after Christmas. But be careful! Fake companies and identity thieves may dampen your holiday spirit. Before you click the ‘Buy’ button this holiday season, check out these tips to help you enjoy safer online shopping. Here’s how to get the most out of your post-holiday shopping with ChillGlobal

1. Don't use public Wi-Fi 

We couldn't stress it more, but It is very important to have a secure wireless environment Not only in online banking, but also when shopping online. Without the protection and encryption of a password, hackers could also use the network and intercept your data. A VPN solution provides more security, especially with public Wi-Fi in airports or in cafes, it is easy for hackers to redirect traffic from your laptop or smartphone and use it for dubious or criminal purposes.

2. Always open a new browser window

By opening a new browser window before accessing the online store and start buying, preferably in private mode, will prevent you from taking over the configuration of previous purchases. Then your customer profile will not contain too much detail and the cookies will not be saved. You can find this mode in the browser settings. It is called "Incognito mode" in Google Chrome and "Private browsing" in Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

3. Check out website security

When ordering, look for the security features that are displayed in different ways in all browsers. The abbreviation "https" before the address entered: the "s" in it indicates that all data can be encrypted and cannot be viewed or manipulated. This is especially important for personal information, such as the billing address or bank details. The small padlock shows the validity of a certificate in many browsers. The independent certification authorities verify if the website operator actually exists.

4. Be careful with URL shorteners

Everyone loves URL shorteners, because they make long URLs full of all sorts of tracking codes much shorter and prettier. It also allows you to track clicks. However, be careful, they can also be used to hide the URL you’re being sent to.

Therefore, avoid clicking on URL shorteners as much as possible. Instead consider navigating to the brand’s website by using the address bar. Chances are the same deal are already on their website. If not, well then it could very well be that the URL shortener you saw was being used by a scammer.

And dont forget!

1. Have a separate password for each online store

Yes, we already have too many passwords and it is difficult to remember them all. However, make sure your password is as complex as possible for each website. If someone tries to hack your account, it will only affect that one account. Did you know that “12345” is one of the most common passwords and at the same time the most insecure?

2. Beware rock-bottom prices

Everyone likes a good bargain, but a new iPhone for 30 euros? You should consider carefully if the price is realistic for the product offered. Especially shops that you try out for the first time. Read again exactly what description of the article says and what the offer includes. Is it just the empty box or a plagiarism?

3. Close the session

Have you found the item that you want and finished your purchases? Excellent! Now please don’t forget to log out and close the session! If you were in norma,l instead of incognito mode, delete the browser history including the cookies.

The most important, but also the simplest to cinsider when shopping online, is to use a VPN! With ChillGlobal VPN for Firefox or Google Chrome, you protect yourself when you are surfing the Internet and is not 100% that your Wi-Fi connection is secure.

In addition, ChillGlobal does not store data, meaning it will not be re-used and therefore you are completely safe and anonymous whilst on the Internet. Unlike many other add-ons or programs, ChillGlobal is easy to install and use. There is no technical expertise necessary; we like to keep it simple! And did you know, ChillGlobal also lets you stream ANY TV-program abroad?

We offer you a FREE use of 20 HOURS per MONTH (register only with your e-mail address). Should you need more time, you can choose between one of our different packages.

Happy shopping!

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