Browse the Internet anonymously with ChillGlobal

It's the year 2016 and we like to presume that nowadays everyone knows that online privacy is a must. It's becoming more and more important to protect your personal data, to make sure that 'big brother' isn't always watching and hackers aren't able to break into your accounts and personal files or even steal your identity. 

How to do this, I hear you wonder. Well, it's dead simple, with a little tool such as ChillGlobal. You will be able to browse the web anonomously and therefore more securely and safe. Besides the privacy aspect, this smart-plugin for your browser also allows access to restricted/ geo-blocked online content and offers amazing saving benefits that have been kept top secret to many! 

Here are 6 convincing reasons why you should install ChillGlobal ASAP.

1. Prevention of Search Engine Tracking

Every query that you type into google or any other search engine of your preference is being collected and saved to your personal profile. Yes, that's right, you have a search query profile linked to your name which can be legally requested. Obviously advertisers can also use this personal information to target their ads directly at you. Does it sometimes seem as if ads just magically know what you are looking for? Yes well, now you know why.

A tool such as ChillGlobal will prevent search engines from keeping track of you and all your search history data. ChillGlobal has its own servers in place in each of the 15 participating countries. You will be rerouted through the ChillGlobal servers and websites will see you come in through this server instead of your own computer, thus concealing your search activity. Please note: ChillGlobal doesn't save any of your data or online activity either!

2. Prevention of Website Tracking by Website Owners

Similar to search engines, website owners can also track your every move. Once you have entered their website, they can keep tracking you via your IP address.

Webmasters can track all of your internet activities, even if you've already cleared your browsing history, cache and deleted all of the saved cookies. Therefore, if you really want to surf the web without being followed, use ChillGlobal to change your actual IP address so you can completely hide your digital footsteps like a modern-day Hansel and Gretel. 

3. Prevention of Tracking your IP Address

Basically your IP address is your unique computer identifier online, meaning that with this IP address your Internet Service provider can track all of your online activities, keep record of all content you're viewing and every single website you're visiting. And generally they save your data between 6 months to 2 years! By using ChillGlobal however, you can browse the web with a remote IP address to keep your browsing activity and metadata 100% anonymous. 

4. Protect yourself from Public WiFi Connections

Nowadays, public WiFi is everywhere! In cafes, hotels, airports and local city hot spots. Super convenient, but also unfortunate as it's an online playground for hackers and other creepy people looking to cyber attack the unaware and the innocent (you). Reason being that an open WiFi connection is completely unsecure. This means that your personal network traffic is out in the open for everyone to see and hackers can trace what you do on unencrypted sites (sites without HTTPS at the beginning of the URL address) and which encrypted sites you access. They can even install software on your computer without your knowing which can capture confidential information like all of your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and even email and search history. Did you know that identity theft is one of the most prevalent Internet crimes? How creepy is that! When you connect through ChillGlobal, you connect to a remote server that directs your traffic through their servers, allowing you to browse the web anonymously. This keeps all your personal data and sensitive information safe and sound!

5. Unlock all your Favorite Streaming Movies, TV Shows, Sports Games and Music

Some of the very best streaming movie, sports, music and TV sites are blocked due to the infamous geo-restrictions: 'this content is not available for your location' (so annoying!). By using ChillGlobal you can actually bypass such restrictions and unlock all your favorite streaming services such like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go and so much more! In our blog post, Watch Netflix with ChillGlobal, you can read exactly how an anonymous VPN can provide you with unlimited entertainment access.

6. Save Big Time on Flights, Car Hire and Online Shopping

Psst.. This actually is a closely guarded secret, but airlines and car hire companies charge customers different prices based on their IP addresses (location). ChillGlobal's Smart-Mode will automatically detect which country you would like to browse the internet from and reroutes you through that exact server. Thereby allowing you to compare prices from different countries and save big bucks! Youíll instantly discover significant price discrepancies between different websites (locations). Also companies like Amazon and Asos very often display different prices per country. But once again, thanks to ChillGlobal, online shopping has never been more fun!

These were the 6 convincing reasons why you should install ChillGlobal. And if you would like to experience all the benefits yourself, you should install ChillGlobal and try our free trial of 20 hours of usage per month! That's right. Each month, every month. 




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