UEFA2016 Promotion - 1 Month of Free ChillGlobal Usage

Dear fellow Football Fans,

The European Championship 2016 has officially kicked off! 

We would like to show our support by giving you one month of free #ChillGlobal usage. This way you'll be able to follow all matches (and all other television from 15 different countries) from wherever you are in the world. It's game time!

So firstly, download the ChillGlobal smart-plugin right here. It will only take a couple of seconds to install (20, to be exact)!

Then to get the free code, like our ChillGlobal Facebook Page and simply send an e-mail to support@chillglobal.com and add #UEFA2016 to the subject line.

You will receive an e-mail with a link. Paste this link into your Firefox web browser's address bar and the world is your oyster! 


NOTE: for now ChillGlobal only works when using your Firefox browser.


Happy ChillGlobal


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