Watch the NBA online streaming with VPN

Find out the four best ways to watch basketball online, no matter where in the world you live or happen to be at the moment. If you live outside of the US or if you are travelling, you will need a VPN to watch the NBA games online.

With March Madness and the NBA playoffs just around the corner, you do not want to miss a minute of the action. With established NBA stars such as Steph Curry and Lebron James, in addition to college talents such as Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball facing off, 2018 is a great year for basketball.

After the rigorous regular season, eight Western and Eastern conference teams enter the playoffs to continue the battle for the NBA Championship Rings. Two of the best teams from both conferences will face each other in the NBA Finals, and the round of the best-of-seven series will determine who gets the fame and glory.

NBA is one of the best professional male basketball leagues in the world and each participating team strives to make history. As of 2016, the Boston Celtics have the most victories, counting 16 in total, but the Los Angeles Lakers are right behind them with 15 wins. Do not miss a game of this years season and watch the NBA playoffs on ABC, NBC Sports, TNT Drama, Fox Sports Go (United States), TSN (Canada). Are you abroad? Get ChillGlobal here and broadcast the NBA playoffs from anywhere on Earth, well, except in Antarctica.



Sling TV (USA)


BeIN Sports (Middle East)

BT Sport (United Kingdom)

SuperSport (Africa)

NBA league pass (no blackouts)


VPN stands for virtual private network. When you connect to a VPN server you are virtually encrypting all your Internet traffic. ChillGlobal VPN, also allows you to unlock all geo-blocked channels that normally would not be available online in your region. This is achieved by hiding your real IP address and giving you a different IP address instead. Whenever you are connected to a US VPN server, for example, you will appear as if you are currently located in the US. online.

Connect to a US VPN server, which will unlock ALL US channels. Watch Sling TV, WatchESPN, TNT, NBA League Pass, WWE Network and many others anywhere in the world.

As ChillGlobal encrypts the traffic, it will experience a slight drop in Internet speed. ChillGlobal is easy to install on Mac or PC. Download the VPN application. Connect to a VPN server in the country of your choice. ChillGlobal has fast servers in the US, United Kingdom, Canada and France, among others. We offer a one-month trial FREE of charge. Download ChillGlobal now!

Are you looking to watch basketball online? Whether you want to see the NBA, college basketball or even European leagues, there are several ways to watch all the games! Download your ChillGlobal now so you can watch all the television regardless of your location!

Happy ChillGlobal!

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