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American Heroes Channel

American Heroes Channel (AHC; formerly Military Channel and originally Discovery Wings Channel) is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by Discovery Communications. The network carries programs related to the military, warfare and military history.

As of February 2015, the channel is available to approximately 59,917,000 pay television households (51.5% of households with at least one television set) in the United States

Many of the programs featured on American Heroes Channel are war documentaries, the contents of which deal in large part with modern warfare, and in particular the U.S. military from World War II onward. While the A+E Networks-owned History, Military History and H2 air similar programming, those networks tend to show more programs about other time periods and cultures (ancient, Roman, Medieval, Eastern, and other forms of warfare). AHC has a more contemporary subject matter than those competitors, but it occasionally presents historical programming as well. Actor Dennis Haysbert serves as the network´s continuity announcer for its on-air promotions.

In addition, the channel also presents feature films with a military theme (usually within the hosted movie series An Officer and a Movie, which is hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips), as well as individual episodes of other shows (such as Belly of the Beast, Build It Bigger, Extreme Machines, Timewatch and Unsolved History), which incorporate military-related content. These are often shows that were produced for other Discovery Communications-owned channels.

List of programs:

    The American Revolution
    Anatomy Of ...
    Apocalypse: WWI
    At Sea
    Battle of the Atlantic
    Black Ops
    Clash of Wings
    The Color of War
    Combat Countdown
    Combat Tech
    Combat Zone
    Commanders at War
    Edge of War
    Escape to the Legion
    Evolution of Evil
    First Command
    The First World War
    Future Weapons
    G.I. Factory
    Greatest Tank Battles
    Great Planes
    The Greatest Ever
    Heroes of World War II
    Hitler´s Bodyguard
    How We Got Here
    Mission Demolition
    Missions that Changed the War
    Modern Sniper
    Narrow Escapes of World War II           
    Navy SEALs: Untold Stories
    Nazi Collaborators
    Normandy: The Great Crusade
    Officer and a Movie
    Quest for Sunken Warships
    The Secret War
    Secrets of World War II
    Showdown: Air Combat
    Special Ops Mission
    Special Forces: Untold Stories
    Stealth Secrets
    Surviving the Cut
    Tank Overhaul
    Top Sniper
    Top Ten
    Toughest Military Jobs
    Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World
    20th Century Battlefields
    Ultimate Weapons
    Weapon Masters
    Weapons Races
    Weapons of World War II
    What History Forgot
    Wings of the Luftwaffe
    Wings Over Vietnam
    World at War
    World´s Deadliest Aircraft
    World War I in Colour
    World War II

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Watch American Heroes Channel abroad | Stream US TV

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