Better Than VPN

Better Than VPN

Is ChillGlobal a VPN Service?

No! In our humble opinion, it's even better than a VPN!

ChillGlobal is a smart-plugin.

It offers more or less the same services as a VPN service (ChillGlobal uses server proxies), but ChillGlobal is a smart-plugin, not a program and therefore much easier to install (and delete). You don't need to have any technical knowledge to install the ChillGlobal smart-plugin, whereas a VPN service requires a bit of an IT background to install. Also, ChillGlobal doesn't take up any of your valuable computer space, because it's installed onto your web browser's tool bar. This is another huge advantage over a VPN service.

ChillGlobal will also hide your own IP-address and change it into the country that you need to be able to access geo-blocked websites and content. Why Hide your IP Address?

The internet can be a tricky place! Even the most careful users can become victims of identity theft, or unwitting recipients of malicious software. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself and your computer from hackers is by keeping your IP address private. 

Three Benefits of hiding your IP Address!

1. SECURITY: The main reason for hiding your IP address is to keep your computer safe from networks, hackers and phishing attempts. Once your IP is invisible you will no longer be at risk from all these potential threats.

2. PRIVACY: Stay hidden so that websites are unable to track and monitor your online activities. Most tracking systems will not harm your software, but you don’t want information about your online behaviour to fall into the wrong hands. Keeping your IP private will also help to reduce annoying pop-up advertising and targeted marketing campaigns.

3. ACCESS: If your computer is part of a network that has restricted access, or you are browsing the web from a geographical location with blocked access, a hidden IP Address will allow you to surf the internet freely and fully. The world is your oyster!

How to Hide your IP Address?

With ChillGlobal of course! For a fast and reliable service, the best option is to use a smart-plugin tool such as ChillGlobal which won't influence your internet speed. ChillGlobal uses its own servers in each of the 15 participating countries. In addition, using this tool gives you a level of extra privacy as all your data becomes private. ChillGlobal doesn't save any of your data either, you can surf the internet entirely anonymous.

ChillGlobal is a smart-plugin for your web browser that allows you to stream and watch TV and videos without any geographical restrictions. It’s a quick and easy, reliable solution designed for everyday usage and for everyone to enjoy. It is not a computer program! You can simply delete the smart-plugin from your browser and that's it.

For years we have been looking for a solution that can be used by everyone. 95% Of all solutions to unblock websites are made by tech people. They talk about VPN, DNS, proxy, tunneling, they require complicated installations and settings, the usability is very complicated, and most of them are unreliable. So we decided to build our own. We created ChillGlobal, a solution that enables people to access content from any country in the world, in an easy way. Our quality promise: A service that is fast, reliable, and easy to use for everyone. 

A team of tech experts and developers guarantees the reliability of our service. Our user community (expats of all ages and business travellers) helped us develop the perfect experience suitable to every customer regardless of their technological knowledge and skills. The ChillGlobal smart-plugin only takes a few seconds to install and is guaranteed to be user friendly to all ages.

ChillGlobal is 100% legal. Our service allows everyone to legally watch their favourite movie or TV show from their home country without any geographical restrictions. Unlike IPTV or a TV box server provider, we offer a network with speedy servers that connect directly to the country and content that you would like to access, regardless of your global position.

ChillGlobal could be life changing, to you and your family. It allows you to watch TV from your home country, wherever you are. This way, you can unlock the world and stay connected to your culture and up to date with the latest from your home country. We believe that everyone should have the right to access online content, regardless of their whereabouts. We are happy to have launched this amazing service and we are convinced that this add-on will make your life easier.

Now that you know all of the above, it’s time to put it into practice! Before anything, register for the ChillGlobal free trial right here. The smart-plugin for your web browser is a zero space invader, downloaded and installed in 20 seconds (also for non-IT nerds) AND with a monthly free trial of 20 hours. No need for Credit Card details, just your enter email address and you are ready for take-off. Once this is done, you can unlock the online content from all of our 15 participating countries, regardless of your own location. For example, if you paid for Netflix at home, you will be able to connect and access your account no matter where you are! Your IP address is changed; you are private and rerouted by proxies through our super-fast ChillGlobal servers that we have in place in every participating country: FREEDOM!

If you haven’t downloaded ChillGlobal yet, all you have to do is register. It will unlock the world for you, regardless of your own location. Whether it’s to watch and stream TV from home, access your paid streaming service accounts, follow sports from abroad or compare prices and experience the advantages of online shopping with ChillGlobal, you are now free to access any geo-blocked website. 

The world is your oyster!



Unlock 500+ international channels for free today!

Get access to hundreds of TV channels, social media, e-commerce and travel sites. Our service works perfectly with services like Netflix, BBC, Facebook, YouTube, NBC, Amazon, eBay, Sky Go, Hulu, Spotify, ABC, SVT, TV4, and many more!

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ChillGlobal lets you watch Movies, TV, Sports, browse the internet, and shop without borders wherever you are. No Credit Card needed to get started!

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ChillGlobal is a VPN Extension for Firefox that allows you to access online content from 15 countries worldwide – regardless of where you are.


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ChillGlobal will be loved
by people who want to access international content and browse internet without coming across annoying blocks. The free plan is a great solution to defeat restrictions and it is incredible that they offer this option on a monthly basis.

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- ChillGlobal doesn't save your data
- No geographical restrictions
- 20 free hours each month
- Service in countries all around the world including the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom
- No logging
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